Case Study: Smarta Healthcare Employee Health Check Pop-Up Clinic

Digital marketing agency Receptional asked Smarta Healthcare to provide a health check pop-up clinic to support their health and wellbeing objectives

Award-winning digital marketing agency, Receptional, employs 54 digital experts at its office in Bedford. Culture is at the heart of the agency, and the company invests in the wellbeing of their employees through a range of people-centred initiatives. 

In 2022 the agency achieved a three-year Investor in People accreditation, demonstrating their commitment to the welfare of their team. The accreditation is considered the global benchmark for people management.  

Smarta Healthcare was asked to support Receptional’s health and wellbeing objectives by running a health check pop-up clinic, designed to:

  • Encourage employees to take care of their physical and mental health 
  • Empower staff to understand their wellbeing and how they can keep themselves fit and healthy 
  • Reduce sickness and time off 
  • Reduce the risk of influenza spreading in the workplace 
Smarta Healthcare provided a pop-up clinic at the Bedford location, where staff received a free health screening, covering: 
  • BodyMax Test – Analysis of water and body fat content, and setting targets for a healthier lifestyle 
  • ActMax Test – Artery Check Technology – Pulse and Sp02 (oxygen saturation) analysis, detecting stiffness of the arteries
  • Blood pressure check 
  • Private flu vaccination 

The tailored pop-up clinic was held over a period of two days. Each employee received an assessment of lifestyle and important health-risk factors, and recommendations for improving health and lifestyle.

Of the 23 employees that took part in the health check, 4 were given a referral to a healthcare professional, to address potential health problems.

Certain health problems, such as high blood pressure, do not have any symptoms and can only be detected through a blood pressure check. Some team members received support following their health check, to ensure they could actively improve their health. 

Staff were impressed by the convenience of the pop-up clinic and being able to get vaccinated during office hours, without having to go to another location. 

“It’s great being able to offer a health check to all our staff. Each year, a number of staff are referred, which means we’re identifying and preventing potential health problems. Personally, I was referred last year and inspired by the feedback have taken up running, which has reduced my blood pressure and resting heart rate significantly. It’s a worthwhile investment!”  

Justin Deaville, Receptional Managing Director 

Smarta Healthcare’s tailored workplace health pop-up clinics focus on quick, effective employee health screening. The pop-up clinics can be set up quickly and conveniently in an office, workshop or factory. The checks can be completed in just 25 minutes per person, and can highlight early signs of health issues. On occasion, they can lead to important, sometimes, life-saving referrals to healthcare professionals. Together with healthy living advice and support provided by the team of healthcare professionals from Smarta Healthcare, businesses see an impact on staff health and wellness.  

Find out more about Smarta Healthcare’s Employee Health Solutions.

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