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Smarta Healthcare is an award-winning NHS approved pharmacy dispensing hub, offering a range of healthcare services. We have an excellent relationship with local businesses, endorsed by small business awards from the SME and FSB.

New to our services the winter, we’re launching employee health checks, as well as flu and travel vaccination services, all via our Smarta Healthcare workplace ‘pop-up’ clinics. Some businesses prefer their employees to visit the Smarta Healthcare Clinic and benefit from out of hours appointments, available via our easy online booking system.

Our aim is to help your employees stay healthy and at work, reducing unexpected sick leave and maintaining productivity. More and more employers now invest in employee health programmes, recognising the positive impact it can have, not only on health but on staff retention and loyalty.

A particularly useful service for corporate clients is the expert health advice we offer to personnel travelling abroad, providing important information on the right vaccinations for their place of travel and managing illness abroad.

Bringing pharmacy and healthcare to you

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Workplace pop-up clinic

Out of office appointments can be a drain on resources. Our pop-up clinic offers businesses a quick and easy solution to proactive workplace health.

Health checks

Regular health checks can have a direct impact on employees’ wellbeing and moral, and enable people to make more informed choices about their health and lifestyle.

Flu vaccinations

Help your employees stay well and at work this winter, with Smarta Healthcare’s convenient and professional onsite vaccination service, administered at your workplace.

Travel vaccinations/advice

We are also experts in the field of business travel vaccinations and can offer advice and support on destinations and required vaccinations.

NHS/Private prescriptions

It can be difficult to collect your medication so why not have your prescription dispensed from us? Simply contact us and we will manage it for you.

Employee health services

We offer a range of flexible health services. We appreciate no business is the same and this is reflected in our flexible and collaborative flexible approach.

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Improve workplace health and wellbeing, reduce absenteeism and sick leave

There's no need to worry about getting your prescriptions on time or battling through traffic and queues to get to the pharmacy. We can take care of your prescriptions and deliver them free of charge, right to your door, at home or at work or a place of your choice. All you need to do is register below to access the following benefits:
  • Flexible business packages
  • Professional & friendly
  • Prescription dispensing
  • Health & wellbeing advice
  • Family health advice 
  • 24 hour helpline

Avoid the spread of flu in the workplace this winter and reduce sick leave

Book vaccinations at the Smarta Healthcare Clinic

If you’d prefer, we can come to you. Get in touch for information about our workplace vaccination service.