Dr Stewart Adams, who invented ibuprofen , dies at the age of 95

World-renowned chemist Dr Stewart Adams, who helped develop the painkiller ibuprofen has died at the age of 95.  He went on to study Pharmacy at the University of Nottingham and a PhD in Pharmacology at Leeds University.

In 1952, Dr Adams started work at Boots Pure Drug Company’s research department.  In 1961, a patent for ibuprofen was filed and in 1966 clinical trials took place in Edinburgh and its anti-inflammatory effect was seen in patients.  The drug was launched in the UK on prescription alone in 1969 and became available over the counter because of its safety record in 1983.

Baljit Kaur – Superintendent Pharmacy Director at Smarta Healthcare said “we are deeply saddened to hear the death of Dr Stewart Adams who made extra-ordinary contributions to scientific research and drugs, he is a great inspiration to fellow and future scientists.”

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