Smarta Healthcare donating small gifts to tackle loneliness

Smarta Healthcare has been busy preparing small packages of chocolates and biscuits to help tackle loneliness in Bedfordshire.

The Smarta team know all too well the impact of isolation. Every day, the healthcare team prepare and deliver prescriptions and medicine safety aids to hundreds of people in their local community and come in direct contact with many people that are isolated and have limited contact with the outside world. The feeling of loneliness is often heightened at Christmas time when people without family feel more alone. 

Harjinder Singh, Smarta Healthcare’s Managing Director said: “We encourage people to help their neighbours with small gestures of kindness, to make them feel they are part of the community. These sentiments go a long way to boosting a person’s wellbeing. We are often the only people our customers see and our delivery visit means so much to many.

This year we’re making extra visits to those that we feel will benefit the most and reaching out to some of the homeless we see on our local streets and our elderly community”  We will be carrying out the visits on Christmas Day and New Years Day and hope to make a small impact on isolation and loneliness.

Picture from left to right: Sue Allen and Nirmal Kaur getting the gifts ready at the Smarta Healthcare HQ

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