Smarta Healthcare rolls out low emission medication delivery vehicle

25 March 2018 – The Smarta Healthcare team is committed to forging ahead as a pioneer in the efficient healthcare space, and they are demonstrating this objective by the addition of a Renault Twizy to their fleet of medication delivery vehicles.

Leading-edge award winning pharmacy dispensing hub adds Renault Twizy to fleet

The Renault is Smarta Healthcare’s very first fully electric auto purchase, and it will be used to directly deliver medications to its patients. The Twizy is 100% electric, offering the environmental benefit of being a zero emissions vehicle. The new purchase helps to curb increasing fuel costs across the UK, a dilemma faced by many. Instead of traveling to pickup their medications, Smarta Healthcare patients can have their medications delivered to them. While saving time, Smarta’s patients are also helping protect the environment.

Harjinder Singh, CEO at Smarta Healthcare, “ We are very excited to be transitioning our fleet of vehicles to low emissions vehicles, which will benefit the environment and running costs, Smarta Healthcare wants to set an example of promoting healthy living and protecting the environment together, which is why we’re rolling out our first electric car.”

Smarta Healthcare plans to add more low emissions vehicles to their fleet of medication delivery in the near future.

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