Smarta Healthcare to participate in upcoming Bedford Twilight 10K run

AUGUST 7, 2018 – Smarta Healthcare’s staff members will be participating in the upcoming Bedford Twilight 10K, which is slated for September 1, 2018.  The half marathon will welcome runners to the streets of Bedford for an unforgettable road race ending in Priory Country Park, where runners will enjoy a party full of music and festivities.

Smarta Healthcare is an independent pharmacy dispensing hub located in Bedford. The company offers pharmacy and healthcare services as contracted with NHS England, and the Smarta Healthcare team offers best-in-class medication management. Smarta Healthcare is committed to helping its patients be happier and healthier, enjoying a higher quality of life at home.  The team at Smarta Healthcare is also dedicated to community outreach and helping make the public more aware of health issues.

While the Smarta Healthcare team is participating in the Bedford Twilight 10K, they will also be raising money for the Tibbs Dementia Foundation.  The Tibbs Dementia Foundation was awarded The Queens Award for voluntary service, and the non-profit charity works to raise funds and awareness for dementia. As it stands, approximately 5,000 people in Bedfordshire are living with dementia. This number is poised to grow substantially in the coming years.  Organisations such as the Tibbs Dementia Foundation can help provide assistance and support for dementia patients and their loved ones. Currently, there is no cure or treatment for dementia. Palliative care includes caretaking and certain medications that can only possibly slow the disease down or prevent some of its side effects.

Harjinder Singh, CEO at Smarta Healthcare, “We are getting ready for the challenge, and we’re very excited to be raising funds for Tibbs Dementia Foundation. We’re also humbled to play a part in raising awareness and support for the dementia diagnosis and those affected.”

Donations for Tibbs Dementia Foundation can be made by clicking here or calling 01234 831 768.

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