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By 20/08/2019

Baljit and the team pick up any issues with medicines, they are very useful and I’ve never had an issue with tablets. A big difference that no-one else offers is the tablets come in a pre-prepared dosset box. Other companies don’t do that. It’s saved a lot of time and hassle.

I can text the team and ask about the prescription status. Sometimes it arrives late at night. They are such a good help to me and my Mum and Dad as their medication changes at any time. It gives peace of mind that they are in safe hands.

I would certainly recommend Smarta Healthcare to anyone. They can delivery at any time, even late at night which is very helpful for people. The service is so easy. The elderly in particular need a friendly familiar face that makes them feel safe, this is very important. The team are so friendly. My Mum and Dad always say to me “the man always has a big smiley face.” It really helps to have the same friendly face at the door that you feel you can trust and rely on.

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