The 411 on the Electronic Prescription Service

The Electronic Prescription Service [EPS] has now been rolled out across the UK. Since it was announced in 2016, 93% of GP practices have been able to use the technology, saving the NHS valuable cost and resource by reducing the amount of paper used.

But, just what is the EPS? And how can it benefit you?

The Electronic Prescription Service is ideal for those who have regular or repeating prescriptions, as it enables GPs to electronically send the relevant details directly to a pharmacy or dispenser, meaning individual patients no longer need to visit their GP in order to collect it. Eventually, the EPS will remove the need for the majority of paper prescriptions.

To start or set-up the process, individual patients need to choose, or ‘nominate’ a pharmacy such as Smarta Healthcare, who will be the recipient of the electronic prescriptions. Individuals can choose the most convenient dispensary and can change or cancel it any time by speaking to their GP or pharmacist.

The best part? Patients do not need an electronic device. As long as your GP surgery and dispenser both use the service, you will be able to use EPS.

There may be concern as to who can see individual prescriptions, but they are stored in secure, confidential systems that only your GP and pharmacist have access to.

The information that will be stored through the system will include which dispenser you have nominated, where your prescriptions are being sent to and, if you have a repeat prescription, they’ll see all of the items on your reorder slip.

The service benefits everyone involved. For the NHS, it reduces cost and resource, significantly decreasing the amount of paper used and time spent in writing prescriptions.

But, most importantly, it benefits you. It saves you time as you will no longer be the middle man between your GP and dispenser and it makes life more convenient, enabling you to get your prescription from the most convenient outlet, whether it be by your home, your work or via a prescription delivery service, like Smarta Healthcare.

Do you think you would benefit from a prescription delivery service? Get in touch with Smarta Healthcare today: We’ll deliver your prescription to your door, right when you need them. For more information, get in touch via 01234 831 768 or email [email protected]

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