Can I eat before a vaccination?

Mostly, it is ok to eat and drink before travel vaccinations. However, some vaccines do have restrictions, so it is best to check with our health care team before you arrive.

Do travel vaccinations hurt?

Travel vaccines are necessary to keep you healthy, when travelling abroad. Mostly you will feel a sting or a pinching sensation. The protection from disease is well worth the momentary minor discomfort.

Are there any side effects to travel vaccinations?

Mild pain or some tenderness is perfectly normal following an injection. Some uncommon side effects might include tiredness, a headache or muscle pains and fever.

How long should I have travel vaccinations before I travel?

Usually, 1 dose is required 6 weeks prior to travel and a second dose 2 weeks before, with a 4 week gap. However, timings vary, so you should check with our health care team when you are planning your travels.

Do I have to pay for travel vaccinations?

Some travel vaccines are free and others have to be paid for privately. Ask our friendly health care team for more information.

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This family is AMAZING! They have always treated us like family and nothing has EVER been too much trouble. I don’t know what I would do without the Smarta Healthcare team. More than 2 years on and I am more and more impressed with the caring and genuine relationship they have with my Dad. They make sure my Dad has the right medication, on time, when he needs it and have just sorted Dad’s winter flu vaccine. I can’t recommend Smarta Healthcare enough. They really do offer the best care and peace of mind for me and my family. The team are extraordinary, friendly, brilliant and kind! Thank You Smarta Healthcare xxxxxx
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July 2019

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