Corporate Social Responsibility

Everything we do is focussed on helping people; individuals, their families, healthcare workers and the wider community. Our purpose is to bring healthcare to all at the right time and the right place, to help build healthier and happier communities.

Our services benefit communities through improving safety and wellbeing for vulnerable people in the home, allowing those with memory problems to stay independent. In turn, families of sick loved ones benefit through the support and advice we offer and the regular updates on patient’s wellbeing. We take our responsibility seriously and really care about our patients and families and our purpose is to continue making a difference and seeing a positive impact in the community every day.

Our support network is far reaching and we’re proud of the strong connections we have with local organisations, social workers, charities, community nurses and GPs and the support and advice we offer.

We strive to always be respectful, responsible and honest with our employees, partners, stakeholders and communities and to make a positive contribution to our society and the environment. And by focussing on providing the best service we possibly can, we aim to build trust within our network and develop our business going forward on that fundamental value.

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