Do you need a Doctor or a Pharmacist?
Pharmacists are highly-skilled healthcare professionals. They can help you with a wide-range of conditions that do not need to be seen by the doctor. If you do require a doctor’s appointment, our pharmacists will be able to let you know.
Smarta Healthcare App
The Smarta Healthcare app by Healthera is a new, easy way to help you manage your medication and access our healthcare services at your fingertips. Our specially designed MedsTrays are ideal for patients with complex medication routines.
AskMy Pharmacist
Got a question about your condition or your medication? We’re here to help. Our friendly pharmacists can review your medications, suggest alternatives, or better ways to take them.

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Health Clinic

At the Smart Healthcare Clinic we also provide health services to help you to lead a healthier and happier life

Flu vaccinations
Travel vaccinations
Weight management
Health check
Healthy living workshops
Dementia Coaching
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