Hepatitis A Vaccination

Hepatitis A is a viral infection which can cause severe liver disease. The viral infection is usually spread by contaminated food and water.

Vaccination content

Travellers will receive an active vaccine. This is a purified, inactivated preparation of hepatitis A virus.

Who should be vaccinated?

Those travelling to or who will be residing in areas where the disease is common, particularly if sanitation and food hygiene is likely to be poor. Additional vaccine information: The vaccine is also available combined with hepatitis B or typhoid.

Vaccine dose

A single injection 2 weeks prior to travel. Then a reinforcing dose 6-12 months later.

When to get vaccinated

2 weeks before travel

Who should not be vaccinated?

General issues: Patients who have had a serious reaction (”anaphylaxis”) to a previous dose of this vaccine or its constituents. Specific issues: One brand of vaccine ”Epaxal” should not be given to those who have had anaphylaxis to hens’ eggs.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding

There is no evidence of risk.

Duration of immunity

25 years

Side effects

Very few. Temporary tenderness at the site of the injection.


£82 per dose


Essential Optional
Vaccination All travellers When to get vaccinated
Hepatitis A Vaccination 2 weeks before travel
Please note the above is a guide only. Every journey is unique and should be fully checked with our qualified pharmacists, or healthcare team, before you travel overseas. Disease can vary across a single country and vaccination requirements may differ by local area. Book a consultation with us now to establish the recommended vaccinations and medication for your chosen destination(s)

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