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A compassionate and friendly healthcare company, we strive to support the changing needs of care homes and your residents through a range of tailored and flexible services, offering total peace of mind.

We work with local care homes and their residents every day, so understand your everchanging and complex needs. Part of what we do is alleviate the administration burden on your residential staff by taking care of NHS paperwork and liaison with GPs, resulting in reduced administration and cost savings.

We look after every aspect of your residents’ medication, from dosage management to disposal of unused medicines and provide special medicine trays so each patient knows what to take and when. Always compassionate in our delivery, we aim to take the strain through our dedicated expert team that can respond quickly to your residents’ medication needs.

We’ll also help you adopt the latest electronic technology (e-MAR), reducing administration, wastage and record keeping, and it’s completely compliant with current regulations. In addition, we offer training days to help keep residential staff up-to-date with the latest drug information, guidelines and legislation.

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e-MAR integrations

We can help you switch from paper-based processes to the latest electronic e-MAR technology, allowing you to administer medication quickly and safely while reducing record keeping, all in line with current regulations.

Dispensing services

Once you’ve reviewed patient’s requirements, we can order, collect and deliver prescriptions from the surgery, saving your care home time and money.

Out of hours support

We are a small friendly team of healthcare professionals and offer dedicated support and advice, through our pharmacy dispensing hub and delivery team, around the clock.

Coloured MAR sheets

Provide various colour coded and photo-labelled packaging for more accurate dispensing of medication around the home and can also dispense medication trays.

Medication reviews

We’ll look after every aspect of your patients’ medication, from dosage management to disposal of unused medicines. We also provide special medicine trays so each patient knows what to take and when.

Safety training & audit

We can help keep your staff up-to-date with the latest drug information, guidelines and legislation, through bespoke training days run by our expert pharmacists.

We offer support and advice to our care home teams around the clock, to deliver your residents the safest and most effective treatment possible


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Our small friendly healthcare team look forward to discussing how we can help.

Award winning pharmacy dispensing hub

We work with many Care Homes and like to think of ourselves as part of the team. Our aim is to take the strain off your daily challenges and provide the right medication support, at the right time. Contact us to find out how we can help.
  • Medication management support
  • Staff training and compliance
  • Out of hours medication helpline
  • Emergency prescriptions
  • Ongoing prescription management
  • Free and fast delivery
  • Friendly and compassionate service
  • Dosset boxes and safety devices
  • Compliance advice and support

For more information or to arrange a meeting, call us on 01234 831768 or email: [email protected]

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