Age UK Bedfordshire food bank receives donation from Smarta Healthcare and Burlington Hall

The COVID- 19 pandemic has been a tough experience all round; leaving many communities in disarray. These turbulent times have made daily life for local residents more difficult than usual. The new restrictions have affected people’s ability to attain basic requirements that we once took for granted – the most adversely affected by this being the elderly community.

Smarta Healthcare acknowledges the ongoing effects the virus is having on locals and has partnered up with Age UK to provide help to those who need it the most. In recent weeks Smarta Healthcare is proud to have contributed to their local community by providing food parcels to the elderly and vulnerable! This charitable service has been well received and goes some way to easing the impact that the pandemic is having on our local community. Superintendent Pharmacist for Smarta Healthcare, Baljit Kaur said “We’re delighted to be supporting the fantastic work being carried out by Age uk Bedfordshire and we hope the food donation will help the local elderly community.

“Throughout the pandemic, it has never been more important to support local foodbanks and help all those in need.

Some recipients of the charitable service have expressed their thanks to Smarta Healthcare staff for providing food that will last them for weeks, meaning that the elderly and vulnerable now do not feel under pressure to put themselves at risk by visiting the shops themselves

Smarta Healthcare provides its services to Burlington Hall, who have shared a longstanding and prolific relationship with each other.

Burlington Hall Manager Anda Marinsaid “We are very grateful to be part of the project and bringing the community together in this unpresented times” A leading charity for elderly people – Age UK have expressed their joy in working alongside Smarta Healthcare.

The two have partnered up to help support the local community during testing times and the charities representative Jo Rising commented, We have been delivering emergency food to older people in need, who cannot get out to shop, who do not have any family who can help them, and struggling to cope. We are grateful for Smarta Healthcare and Burlington Hall who have donated food that we can distribute to older people in need. Donations of this kind are hugely helpful to our charity in order to help those in most need.

As the pandemic continues to have an effect on daily life here in th UK, Smarta Healthcare will endeavour to serve patients and the local community in the best way possible. A team of committed and empathetic staff are behind the scenes working hard to make this stormy phase as easy as possible. Feel free to contact any of our support staff to learn more about how we can serve you best.

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